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VIDEO: Truck Flips Over Hurdling Towards Car In Accident

A veterinary professor from Texas University was driving his car near the college, when a concrete truck ran a red light attempting to avoid another car. The truck tried to […]

Truck driver salaries are on the rise

Truck driver salaries are on the rise during the current truck driver shortage. The average pay for long-haul drivers has increased 16% to an average of $58,000 in 2015. The […]

Truck & trailer buying staying strong

Commercial vehicle market demand is expected to stay strong nationally for the next 12-15 months, with over 500,000 businesses operating fleets ranging from one to 250 vehicles, and representing over […]

Latest EPA Greenhouse Gas Proposal

The EPA, along with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, proposed Greenhouse Gas Phase 2 to take effect for some trailer types starting in 2018. Equipment manufactures would have to […]

CVSA 2015 Brake Check Results

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance released results say 9% were placed out of service for out of adjustment brakes, compared to 9.5 percent in 2014. 490 vehicles, or 7.7 percent, […]

Truck Driver Shortage Between 35,000 and 40,000 says ATA

Turnover at large truckload fleets fell one percentage point to an annualized rate of 96 percent in the fourth quarter, while turnover at smaller truckload carriers — those with less […]