VIDEO: First Self Driving Big Rig Truck Now Street Legal

With over 10,000 miles of testing, Freightliner’s “Inspiration Truck” is now street-legal. It was officially granted one of Nevada’s “Autonomous Vehicle” license plates by Nevada governor Brian Sandoval at a media event before the unveiling.

Despite it’s potential to save lives, mitigate driver fatigue and stress, it also reduces CO2 emissions up to 5 percent. Speaking with The Verge, Freightliner had this to say regarding the announcement.

self driving truck 2

Obviously there’s some more testing we have to do,” truck driver Bernhard said. “We have to see how this thing performs in the rain, the sun, cold days, or at subzero.” That’s something that Daimler will have to wait for, as other states could be slow to adapt the same self-driving-friendly regulation that Nevada already has. Bernhard also pointed out that just getting a “patchwork of states” on board won’t help — particularly since big rigs often operate interstate — and as Daum sees it, state regulation is just the beginning. Federal regulation will be necessary before we see a fleet of Inspiration Trucks (or other trucks running Daimler’s Highway Pilot technology) swarm the highways.

Nevada has officially licensed two Inspiration Trucks for regular operation on public roads for now. Further adoption somewhat depends on how quickly other states loosen regulations on autonomous vehicles.

You can watch the entire announcement below:

Sources: The Verge, AP

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