FMCSA Certification Issues

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration advisory panel remained divided on whether driver training schools should self-certify their programs or be certified by a third party.

The group also is still wrangling with the issue of obtaining data that could link new driver training to safety outcomes that would withstand the rule making scrutiny of the White House Office of Management and Budget.

The company’s data consists of both a control group of 1,200 relatively new drivers who have completed a curriculum of company training as well as a group of 1,200 drivers who have worked for the carrier for a longer period of time but have not received the same new-driver training.

“It’s very encouraging that they have data,” said the FMCSA.

Shoring up such data sets can be challenging since some drivers may use trucks with safety technologies or travel less congested routes, while others use older trucks and travel in heavy traffic. Some initial findings were counterintuitive to the notion that new drivers have the worst safety performance.

The most recent pair of two-day meetings on April 23-24 was the fourth of six. The next is set for May 14-15.

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