Is there good fuel economy in Shell’s thinner oil?

Engine oil categories are up for a change sometime in late 2016 or early 2017, Shell said this week.

“Owner-operators and fleets should see fuel efficiency gains over current products on the market” said, Shell’s OEM Technology Manager Dan Arcy. With next-gen oil relying more on lower viscosity to reach emissions-focused parameters, particularly, lowering greenhouse gas emissions; Shell is confident it will achieve those lower emissions by increasing fuel economy.

Shell says it has performed 18 million miles of testing so far and it’s seeing an average of 1.5 percent fuel economy gains over oils in use today. Fleets that have tried the product have reported similar results.

Despite Shell’s optimistic results, it will still be up to oil manufacturers, engine makers and the American Petroleum Institute to determine whether the lower viscosity oils will be backwards compatible.


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