FMCSA: Mexican Carrier Pilot Program Successful

“FMCSA concludes that the Pilot Program successfully demonstrated that Mexican motor carriers can and do operate throughout the United States at a safety level equivalent to U.S and Canada- domiciled motor carriers and consistent with the high safety standards that FMCSA imposes on all motor carriers authorized to operate in the United States,” the FMCSA said Tuesday.

Mexican carriers applying for long-haul authority will have to clear a Pre-Authorization Safety Audit and confirm that they have safety management systems in place. These systems must include hours-of-service monitoring and drug testing.

Drivers must have either a U.S. commercial license or the Mexican equivalent and be proficient in English. Once a carrier is approved to operate across the border, its trucks must clear a North American Standard Level I inspection every 90 days for four years.

The United States will start accepting applications from Mexican carriers to provide long-haul cargo delivery across the border. The Department of Transportation announced the move Friday. Official notice is likely to be published in the Federal Register later this week.


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