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Trucking Industry welcomes Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure pledge

Trucking companies are eager to see President Donald Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure pledge become a reality, arguing upgrades to America’s highways will lift the industry and the U.S. economy. In […]

Trump chooses Jeffrey Rosen for DOT deputy secretary

President Donald Trump has nominated Jeffrey A. Rosen to become deputy secretary in the Department of Transportation. From 2006-2009, Rosen was appointed as general counsel and senior policy advisor for […]

Trucking Industry suffers huge Labor Shortage as Trump Fights For Jobs

According to a recent analysis from the American Trucking Association (ATA), the OTR Truckload industry is one area where employers are expected to face a huge labor shortage of as […]

How rolling resistance works

Any wheeled vehicle that is coasting will slow down gradually due to rolling resistance. A steel-wheeled vehicle such as a locomotive will roll further than a rubber-tired vehicle of the […]

Top 4 Roadside Inspection Tips

Here’s some tips to avoid any conflict or confusion during any future roadside inspections. 1)  A clean cab helps you ‘move along’ Officers can’t inspect every truck that comes along. […]

VIDEO: First Self Driving Big Rig Truck Now Street Legal

With over 10,000 miles of testing, Freightliner’s “Inspiration Truck” is now street-legal. It was officially granted one of Nevada’s “Autonomous Vehicle” license plates by Nevada governor Brian Sandoval at a […]